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Dangerous lead levels cause Toxic Waste Candy Bar recall

Posted by Santellana In the “Truth in Advertising” Department comes today’s story reported by the Daily Health Report: A popular candy bar made in Pakistan, the Nuclear Sludge Chew Bar by Toxic Waste has been recalled due to high lead content. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows lead content of 0.1 parts per million and these candy bars were measured as high as 0.24 parts per million. The recall was voluntary by the company after discovering the high lead content during a lot test. While all flavors of the candy bar were recalled (sour apple, blue raspberry, and cherry), a cherry flavored group was found to have dangerously high levels of lead. Levels so high, in fact, they could cause health problems for infants, children, and pregnant women. As a cautionary measure, the company is working to recall all candy bars distributed since 2007. No health reports have been made related to the candy bars, according to the FDA. The candy bars were available at retail stores throughout the United States. Due to the recall, the company has willingly stopped distribution of all flavors and is currently working to resolve the issue. Source:

So kids, instead of eating Toxic Waste candy, it might be safer to just eat the sugar directly…

Tetris Sugar designed by Danil Zdorov.

in fact, stop eating so much sugar and try eating some vegetables. At least that won’t kill you… …or will it???

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