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Cursed Church saved by spooky art exhibit

No, this isn’t a scene from “Insidious 2” (although it sure looks like it). What you’ve actually got here is an art installation inside of an abandoned church in the Czech village of Lukova. Locals had abandoned the medieval church believing it cursed after the ceiling fell in during a funeral service in 1968, which artist Jakub Hadrava thought was a shame.

“I wanted to install the sculptures on the benches to remind people the church had a history and a past,” said the artist. Using plaster and creepy lighting, Jakob gave the ancient building an unearthly feel and it’s been attracting tons of tourists who are now donating their cash to keep the building open. Mission accomplished…but damn….just these pictures are gonna freak me out for awhile. I don’t so much feel filled with the holy spirit as wanting to run out while screaming, “Holy S#%t!”

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