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Cryptozoologist of 2014: Bill Munns

Bill Munns: a name better known in Hollywood circles than cryptozoological ones. Until recently. His career is one filled with awards and accolades for his extensive knowledge and experience in makeup and FX artistry. Emmys and Oscars decorate his shelves for his work on such films as “Mask” and on various Star Trek shows. So why is giving him their “Cryptozoologist of the Year” award?

Munn has a real interest in cryptids, specifically Bigfoot. He spent seven years analyzing the famous Patterson-Gimlin film (yes, you’ve seen it) and has written his conclusions in a new book, “When Roger Met Patty”. The appeal of his new book to cryptozoologists is not just the exhaustive study he does surrounding all the controversy around the film, but first explaining, then bringing to bear all of his experience as a special effects wizard to be able to authoritatively state that it wouldn’t have been possible in 1967 to create so realistic a hoax.

Does his book put to rest skeptical claims about the film? Some would say no, that it spends more time on Munn himself, setting himself up as a reliable source of analysis than actually dealing with the facts and allegations in the case. Regardless, it is the first organized collection of responses to the skeptical analysis of the making of the film and as such, a valuable part of any serious cryptozoological library. Here at The Museum of the Weird  we salute you, Bill Munns, for your work in advancing the study of our favorite cryptid!

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