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A couple of days ago Jeffrey Gonzalez, founder of Sanger Paranormal, put out the following press release :

For Immediate Release *********** MEDIA ADVISORY********** Potentially the Most Convincing Evidence of Bigfoot Since the Patterson Film of 1967 We have an full upper body impression including half of its face On the passenger side window of a pickup truck And on the drivers side window, the Nostrils, Nose and Lips of a Bigfoot Who: World Media – Please RSVP to We will contact you to confirm your attendance What: No, it’s not a Bigfoot in a Freezer and we are not affiliated with those guys in any way. This evidence was captured during an expedition in the High Sierra’s of California during the Memorial Day weekend of 2011. There were a total of 5 people in attendance who made the discovery. Three of those people are…………. 1. Is an award winning High School Principal with a Masters Degree, Formerly a Science Teacher and a former investigator for 2. Correctional Officer for 19 years and is Employed at a prison in California. Was featured on a Episode of Monster Quest titled” the Sierra Sasquatch”. 3. Is a Employe at AT&T Telephone. Associates Degree in Electronics. Founder of the Also, a 14 year Forensic Specialist who is friends with 2 of the people mentioned above was called out to come and take photos and swab For DNA…… This location where the evidence was captured is known for heavy Bigfoot activity And has been regularly visited by the investigators mentioned above. When: June 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Pacific) Where: Piccadilly Inn, Banquet Hall 5115 E. McKinley Ave Fresno, Calif. 93727 559-251-6000 fax-559-251-6956 Directly across from Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Today Loren Coleman of posted the alleged photo on the site (Coleman received the image from one of his readers, Rick Sheen, who had saved the photo from Sanger’s own website, where it appeared briefly before being removed from the site). Here it is:

Now apparently the main stream media has picked up on the story as well. Responding to Loren Coleman’s lead on the story, here’s what Lee Spiegel of AOL News reported:

California Bigfoot investigators were shocked over Memorial Day weekend when they found strange markings and hair on their pickup truck windows. Now, they’re hoping DNA tests will prove once and for all the existence of the legendary man-beast. “On the passenger side window, when I first saw it, I almost threw up,” said Jeffrey Gonzalez, an AT&T electronics technician and founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society. Gonzalez and several others were in California’s Sierra National Forest searching for evidence to confirm the reality of the creature. When it started to snow at their campsite, they were forced to leave two of their vehicles behind. “Two days later, we came back to pick up our vehicles and that’s when we found the impressions,” Gonzalez told AOL Weird News, recalling what he and his companions noticed on the passenger window. “Apparently, the creature was looking in the window and left behind dirt and oil on it, leaving such an awesome picture, you can see the nose, the eye, the hair all over the face and the shoulders — it’s creepy, and it’s not a bear.” Gonzalez and his friends — including a former science teacher and a correctional officer — also found a 12-inch footprint at the site. They concluded their hairy intruder wasn’t a bear because none of the four ice chests that were filled with food on the back of Gonzalez’s truck had been touched. But it wasn’t just the passenger side window that presented a surprise — the driver’s side of the truck showed the imprint of a much larger creature, strongly suggesting there were two unexplained visitors to the campsite. “An impression was left of a nose, eyes and lips, but they were extremely large,” Gonzalez said. “The lips measured about 6 inches long. You can see that the whole face was full of hair, so when it leaned up against the window, you can see the depth of the eye socket in the glass. “I’ve shown people — non-believers — this photograph and this totally freaked them out.” After Gonzalez returned home that day, he called a forensic expert to take DNA samples of the fur or hair that was left around the window impressions. Read more:

So what do our readers think?  Is the the first decent look the world has of the face of Bigfoot?  Please feel free to share your opinions below.

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