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Boston Dynamic’s cute little puppy robot we came to have a strange affection for evolved into the rather menacing, futuristic war beast known as the “BigDog.” Now, in 2013, they have taken their science to a thrilling new level with the newly introduced fully assembled anthropomorphic robot entitled “PetMan.” Now, complete with a head and clothing, the robot has been filmed walking, sitting, jumping, and turning its torso in the video below. In one instance it even holds up both hands in an “I surrender!” motion. Its walk still resembles that of an early C3PO, but the advancements are impressive lending to the consideration that truly humanoid androids in our workforce, homes, and military may not be too far in the future.

“PetMan” was not developed to exist outside the lab, however. The purpose of this particular robot is to test hazardous material suits or flak jackets that may be sprayed with a vast array of toxic agents—basically anything a lab assistant with common sense would refuse to sign up for.

Its capacity for a wide range of motion is not the least of the robot’s impressive evolutionary traits. BD has equipped “PetMan” with the ability to mimic actual sweat and heat to evaluate the body temperature of the person within the suit itself. Equipped with temperature, humidity, and chemical sensors, “PetMan” can determine the safety level and give an accurate determination of whether a person would expire or become dangerously incapacitated by the conditions within the suit.

We can thank the Defense Department’s Chemical and Biological Defense program for funding this particular Boston Dynamic project. The DDCBD is also assisting Boston Dynamic with capital for the development of the “Atlas” robot, which is designed to navigate terrain. We can expect to see a video of this new robot on YouTube later this year.

The latest footage of the new “PetMan” robot in action!

Check out this spooky footage of DARPA’s previous creation, the “BigDog”.

**Photos & Illustrations by Boston Dynamics

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