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Conjoined Twins about to beat long-held longevity record

This Saturday, history will change…forever. At least in a Guinness Book of World Records sort of way. Already extremely rare (like, between 1 in 50,000 births to 1 in 200,000) and with only a 25% chance of early survival, while a staple of the traveling freakshow (although many were faked), conjoined twins aren’t exactly something you see every day. Which is why Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon of Beavercreek Ohio are celebrating.

The brothers are about to hit the 62 years, 8 months and 7 day mark, which will make them the longest lived conjoined twins in recorded history. They’ve been counting down for months and have been excitedly marking down the days on the calendar. Hoping the Guinness Book contacts them in October when they celebrate their 63rd birthday is hopefully going to be the absolute cake topper for the pair.

Having lived in poor health for years, the community raised 170,000 dollars for the brothers to renovate their home where they were being cared for by their younger brother Jim and his wife. “It was to the point where they couldn’t do anything on their own anymore,” said Jim. But since getting community help and a special bed donated by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, their health and disposition has greatly improved.

The twins performed in circus sideshows up until 1991 when they retired, and since getting all the help, they’ve been able to regularly attend baseball games, go fishing, and have a normal life. But the big goal is to outlast the famous Chang Twins.

More power to you, Ronnie and Donnie. The Museum of the Weird is rootin’ for ya! The Chang’s reign of long-lived terror will finally be over.

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