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Comedy Legend Bobcat Goldwaith Makes a Thrilling Film About Bigfoot in “Willow Creek”

Everyone knows about the legend that is the Sasquatch caught on tape by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, some have even taken such a liking that they’ve devoted their life to finding this mysterious creature. Director Bobcat Goldwaith (of Police Academy fame) celebrates the passionate culture around the cryptozoological marvel.

The movie follows in the (big)footsteps of the The Legend of Boggy Creek franchise, yet shares a lot of similarities to the horror classic, “The Blair Witch Project”. The movie follows an amateur filmmaker and his less than amused girlfriend as they journey through the fictional town of Willow Creek, which is based off “the Bigfoot capital of the world”, Bluff Creek, where the footage of the Patterson/Gimlin Sasquatch was captured (the film was also shot in the same woods Patterson and Gimlin shot the Sasquatch footage). The film is shot in an amateur found footage style, giving the movie a feeling of reality that you can’t shake, especially as they sit in a tent in fear as they hear the roaring steps of the beast himself creeping around their campsite.

One of the more interesting aspects of the movie is during the first act, where we find the couple interviewing locals of Willow Creek about their experiences with the town’s own legendary hairy creature. All the interviews are with real people of the town, not actors, sharing their own personal experiences in an improvised manner. All these people tell true stories of sightings and experiences with Sasquatch, leading us to believe that the glorious creature is out there running around the woods of Oregon, waiting to be discovered.

Willow Creek can be purchased on Blu-Ray and DVD, and is available on multiple streaming platforms.

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