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Cave may be a pre-human catacomb

Yesterday, while giving a tour of the Museum, I was talking to a gentleman about the Bigfoot connections in Texas and the Bigfoot mystery overall. Skeptics rightly say “Ubi corpus?” (Where is the body?) Why have we not found at least a corpse of Bigfoot?

One possible theory is that these creatures are intelligent enough to not just leave their dead lying around. This BBC article discusses how other animal species seem to have mourning rituals when one of them dies. This Quora discussion talks about how chimpanzees, magpies and elephants will do some covering of a corpse.

Now, I find this news of a new discovery in Africa. An ABC News report shows how researchers made their way into an obscure area of the Rising Star Cave to find a chamber filled with bones and artifacts from what may be an early human ancestor. It appears that earlier versions of humans may have had a burial ritual. If that’s the case, is it possible that Bigfoot does the same thing?

Bigfoot remains a mystery, but here is video covering the amazing expedition and details about the find. The history of earth becomes more and more fascinating as we find new clues.

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