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This unassuming little plant is feasting on a buffet of worms just below the surface.

Once again, a new discovery in this world of ours has changed science and they way we think about plants forever. Newly discovered plants of the Philcoxia genus are the first ever found to actually feed on animal life below the surface of the earth.

Discovery News writes:

The Brazilian savannah is home to a subterranean little shop of horrors for tiny worms. Plants of the Philcoxia genus aren’t as physically impressive (or musically talented) as Audrey 2, the man-eating plant of stage and screen, but can be just as deadly to nematodes, or roundworms. The three species recently studied, P. bahiensis, P. minensis and P. goiasensis, are the first plants found to feed on animals underground. The plants have sticky subterranean leaves which trap nematodes as they crawl through the nutrient-poor white sand of the Brazilian cerrado, a vast tropical grassland.


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