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Buried alive in Brazil

You may have seen a recent story repeated from with titles like “Woman Buried Alive, Funeral Goers Hear Screams From The Grave.” Snopes declares this story to be false, and is is honestly unlikely that with the embalming processes commonly used in the United States that someone would make to the grave alive. However, it is not unheard of, even in our modern age, for someone presumed dead to be discovered alive in the nick of time. For example, this case in Mississippi where a man was discovered to be breathing on the embalming table!

We covered a story in 2011where a South African man was nearly buried alive. In that case the man was discovered in time. Here, there is startling video from 2013 where a Brazilian man was discovered trying to crawl from his own grave!

Should you be worried about being buried alive? Probably not. In general, modern medical professionals do a pretty good job of detecting life, or lack thereof. Of course, if you want to experience the idea of being buried alive, there is a device for haunted attractions that will give you that experience. Your author has tried this out at a HauntCon convention several years ago. You lay inside a coffin and the lid is closed. You feel it picked up, carried to your grave as people outside the coffin comment. Finally, feel yourself lowered into the grave and feel dirt tossed on you as the world becomes more and more distant. It’s probably not for everyone.

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