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A Brazilian mother expecting twins, birthed a single body with 2 heads instead.

This definitely does not happen everyday, and surely gave the mother, who was told by doctors to expect twins, a very big surprise.

It’s unfortunate when anything is born into this world with birth defects and even sadder when it’s a human child. It’s not uncommon for them to have shortened life-spans due to the many medical complications that are associated with birth defects but, in this instance, it seems life has given these little ones pretty good odds of making it due to them both having full sets of functioning organs.

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The Huffington Post writes:

One mother learned her baby had two heads just moments before giving birth via Cesarean section in northern Brazil Monday morning. Doctors say the babies, which have two heads and share one body, are conjoined twins with functioning organs. The mother did not receive ultrasound scans throughout her pregnancy, but later told doctors she was initially told she was expecting twins, the Daily Mail reports. The babies each have their own spines but share one heart, liver, pelvis and pair of lungs. She named the boys Jesus and Emanuel.

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