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Bownessie making waves again

Posted by Steve Busti Just days after the mysterious beast was allegedly photographed (above) by eyewitness Tom Pickles, there now comes another sighting. This report comes courtesy of Britain’s The Sun: ******************************************************************* A MYSTERY lake monster dubbed "Bownessie" has been sighted again – less than a week after it was photographed. Holidaymaker Brian Arton, 61, described seeing something "dark with humps" sitting 300 yards out on the surface of Lake Windermere. And he said it exactly matched the picture taken five days earlier by kayaker Tom Pickles. Brian and his wife, from Hovingham, North Yorks, had just checked into a hotel by the Cumbrian lake when they saw the strange shape. He said: "We thought it must be a pontoon, a log or an odd-looking buoy. "We didn’t think it could possibly be an animal – but then it just disappeared."

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