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Poor residents of Kannur, India… for Thursday must have been one creepy day.

This small Indian village took a page right out of the classic horror movies when the streets literally ran red, not with blood mind you, but with blood-red water from a crimson colored summer shower!

That’s right, it wasn’t some freak accident or farmer taking care of some animals that stained the ground such a sad shade, turns out that with the right combination of pollutants, rain water that collects as clouds in the sky may actually undergo a chemical process and change from the usual clear we are used to, to a deep, deep red.

The Time of India writes:

Though not for first time in the state, red rain in parts of Kannur on Thursday did create some panic and curiosity among the residents in the district. The strange phenomenon happened around 6:50am and lasted for 15 minutes. People in the 1km area in and around Edachery in Puzhati panchayat panicked as their courtyards turned blood red after rain. Kannur block panchayat president Shaija M, who collected the sample of the rainwater, said the water was as dark as black coffee and had the smell of raw beetroot. “I thought someone killed some animal and its blood got mixed with water on the courtyard,” she said.
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