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Has a Dallas area photographer caught the East Texas Bigfoot on film?

Although, not much of a believer in the elusive Bigfoot himself, he truly feels he’s captured something quite rare with his own camera!

KLTV in East Texas writes:

There have been reported sightings of bigfoot in remote East Texas locations, and even near Dallas, and a photographer says he has proof that bigfoot may be closer than we think. The Dallas area photographer, who remains anonymous , was never a bigfoot believer by his own admission. “No, I’ve never seen one , never believed in one,” he says. But a huge stone thrown at him in the woods one camping trip, with no one else around, changed his mind. “An object landed within ten feet of us that I know of no human being able to throw it that far. There was one about 10 foot tall. A family group drew in close, three of which got within 15 feet of me. It looked like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, not human as I know it,” he says. He shot images in Shelby county of something moving in the woods. Outside of Dallas he shot images of something large and hairy watching from the trees. But light and shadow can play tricks. East Texas bigfoot researcher Mike Hall and his team from Texla crypto zoological research examined the images to see if they have merit. “Some of the shots you can actually make out what looks like a pair of eyes. There is something there staring back at him taking video. There is something there, question is, what is it?,” Hall says. One shot looking very similar to the Roger Patterson bigfoot film of 1967. A crest or conical ridge on what appears to be the head. “The cone looking head, in the still shot that’s very compelling, something definitely moving across the brush just observing,” says fellow researcher Larry Parks. The photographer is keeping his identity anonymous but did say he would be releasing more video evidence in the future.


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