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Well geez, this certianly does look like Bigfoot taking a peak into this guy's tent!

Well, here is some awesome footage that has only deepened the world’s curiosity for Bigfoot, especially on the heels of the fantastic and absolutley amazing information contained in our last post.

Take a look at this well done analysis video posted to YouTube by TeamYin of a camper that has claimed to have filmed an intruding Bigfoot through an opening in his tent for yourself, and read what one our favorite blogs has to say just below:

Ghost Theory writes:

Okay, this is like offering Jello as desert after a seven course gourmet meal coming right on the heels of the Dr. Ketchum report, still some of us have to get on with things and keep the lantern burning, even in the face of the sun. I found this video while looking into another account of a bigfoot caught in a police officers dashboard camera that turn out an admitted hoax by some local teens. Of course going from an admitted hoax to a video this clear sets off some natural mental blocks that say to me that this is probably fake too. Yet the video below possesses some merits discussed in the analysis. Taken as real this video contains the best footage of a Bigfoot face I have ever seen, but listen to the analysis and then I will have a few comments on some key points. Okay, you have watched the video now. You have, haven’t you? I am going to address the main characteristics described in the analysis. First is the described Large Nocturnal Eyes. I am sorry to say that what the analysis describes as large nocturnal eyes with no whites showing simply appears to me to be deep set eyes beneath a heavy brow where you cannot actually see the eye. Nor do I see an eye that is especially large in proportion to the face.
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