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Bigfoot? Deer? Chupacabra? With a photo this blurry, it could be anything.

My belief in the almighty Bigfoot is based on common sense and some words from the foremost knowledgeable person on primates and monkeys, Jane Goodall. She basically says that the chance of them existing is incredibly high with the vast amount of untouched and truly un-examined Pacific NorthWest of America that, if there was something in there and it didn’t want to be found, that wouldn’t be a problem. If you’ve ever flown over the area, it’s a vast land of nothing but tree tops and canopy for miles upon miles, upon miles.

Today’s story comes from a picture submitted by a reader of Field & Stream Magazine caught on his own trail cam usually used for tracking the wildlife in the area. This creature on the other hand seems to be anything but the usual deer or fox.

Ghost Theory writes:

Fresh off the presses over at Bigfoot Evidence, this Bushnell trail cam photo contest entry (whew!), stands widely apart from the rest. A reader from Field & Stream submitted this interesting photo of a slightly intriguing animal dashing by. Definitely an interesting photo to say the least. At a quick glance, the stalwart creature looks bipedal and oddly shaped. At a closer inspection, the oddness becomes a bit more revealing. Take the hind legs for example. They’re shaped more like a deer’s hind quarters than the anatomy that we’ve come to accept as what a Sasquatch should have. Next, take a good look at the front appendages. Either those are deer-like hooves or this Sasquatch is suffering from the T-Rex syndrome. Now, onto the dubiousness that is to be the creature’s head. It’s puzzling. I’m really not sure what to say about this one. I mean it seems too anatomically incorrect, against Mother Nature herself, that a creature of that size and that posture can run with its head cocked in such manner. Oh no wait, I got it. I think I see it now. This forearm-lacking Sasquatch is about to eat shit. One of those nature bloopers, which are rarely witnessed by humans, was serendipitously caught by a trail camera. This photo rightfully deserves to win.

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