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This just in this morning from Craig Woolheater over at

Last night on Steve Kulls’ Blogtalkradio show, Squatchdetective Radio, Kulls publicly unveiled the following photo:

It appears to show a large hairy creature bending over, and what looks like a small hand or paw clinging to the fur of the larger creature, possibly a baby.

Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot

Here are a couple of comparison photos showing the massive size of the creature compared to a human and a coyote that were both photographed from the same trailcam at the location.

The trailcam had been set up by a man who wanted to see what was eating all the apples off his tree.  You can see several apples on the ground in the above photos (perhaps that is why this creature is bending over, to gather them).

You can read the full investigation here:

What do you think?  Is it a sasquatch? A hoax?  Could it be something else?

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