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Image by True Wildlife

Honey badgers step aside. The beaver is the new bad ass of the animal kingdom.

One unfortunate man in Belarus found out the hard way that beavers are not fans of the paparazzi. According to Sky News, the man was on a fishing trip to Lake Shestakov when he and his traveling companion spied the wild animal on the side of the road. In an attempt to seize a quick pic with the creature, the man approached and tried to pose with the beaver. The beaver had other plans, however, and promptly sank its fangs into the man’s thigh twice, severing his femoral artery, causing him to bleed to death in a matter of minutes.

“It was early morning and already light when they saw a beaver by the road, which was unusual because beavers are nocturnal,” Sergei Shtyk, the deputy head of the region’s wildlife inspectorate, told The Daily Telegraph.

“One of them went up to be photographed with it, and the animal attacked him and bit him twice, cutting an artery in his thigh, before running away.”

Beware the mighty beaver! They have work to do building dams and little time for photo ops.

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