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The dark figure in the still above was thought to be a bear, until it stood up!

Some footage recently uploaded to YouTube has been found and blogged about by our buddies over at and it seems the young men in this video caught something pretty darn interesting in Provo Canyon, Utah recently.

Watch the video here

and a slowed down and enhanced version:

Ghost Theory writes:

Posted to You Tube yesterday, a couple of friends camping in Utah video what they presumed to be a bear, until it stands up. They react fairly honestly… and run like scalded cats. I would like to thank Tom Cantrall for the heads up on this one. This sighting is said to have taken place in Provo Canyon Utah, which is home to park land as well as an historic railroad and Bridal Veil falls. That this is posted the day before Hallowe’en will certainly make some people suspicious, but then there is also no reason why it should not have happened on the day before any particular holiday. After all there is no evidence I have heard to suggest Bigfoot celebrates western culture holidays. Judge for yourselves,
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