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Are you experienced?

Are you a fan of paranormal reality shows? If you are, it may feel like the world is filled with psychics who are flooded with feelings and visions surrounded by observers who would put Sherlock Holmes to shame. I know that some people watching these programs become very frustrated with their own explorations. Real paranormal experiences don’t usually happen like they look on TV. They can be more subtle, and certainly a lot less frequent than you would think.

You might take comfort in this blog entry by Kelly Roncace, Paranormal Corner: Intimate experience at Eastern State Penitentiary. She admits that, while an active investigator, she has rarely “felt” any kind of a connection on an investigation. It has happened, but it’s been obscure.

This is very honest and, I think, very important for everyone interested in paranormal investigation to hear. There are spectacular psychic experiences, but there are also many other kinds of subtle feelings and connections that are discarded because they’re not what’s expected and many are trained to ignore such things because they’re not “real.” Just because you’re not flooded with visions and voices doesn’t mean that you’re not connecting with anything. Not everyone experiences the same things in the same ways. Not everyone has the same intensity. Sometimes it grows, sometimes it will always be a whisper.

My own experience, and that of every psychic and medium I’ve interviewed, suggest that the important thing is to keep trying to be open. Record your successes, even when they feel tiny. Share with others who may be able to help you make sense of what’s happening. Experiment with different techniques. Be patient and persistent.

If something does happen for you, share it with us.

Here’s a snippet of video from Kelly’s investigation. You can see more footage from other investigators on YouTube.

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