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"Using a release aid, he hooks the string to his shoulder before taking aim and letting go."

 There’s no better example of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” than Matt Stutzman. You would think that being born with out either arm would make things a bit more difficult when wanting to participate in some activities, especially ones that usually require two arms. We now say “usually” because of Matt. Not only does he participate, he breaks world records!

Matt Stutzman takes aim.

MSNBC writes:

If you’ve ever wondered what determination looks like, take a good long stare at Matt Stutzman. You wouldn’t be the first. Stutzman was born without arms, but he compensates with creativity and the will to succeed. “Even at a young age, I remember always trying to do stuff and I’d ask for help with my parents and my parents would always tell me, in a nice way, ‘Try to figure it out first before we help you,'” he says. He turned his determination into success on the archery range. Two years ago we figured out his unique release system. Stutzman adjusts the bow with this toes, holds it with his right foot, and brings up the arrow with his left. “My feet are my hands, so I just and hold it the same way they would with their hands,” he explains.

This man is incredible and should be an inspiration for anytime you feel you’re not good enough to even try something you really want to do. Even though the world believed Matt Stutzman lacked the proper tools for his trade, he put his will and creativity into action, accomplished exactly what he set out to do and left the entire world changed because of it.


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