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Shaving may soon be a thing of the past!

As a man, I have to put up with a constant battle between mother-nature and the modern business world, shaving my beard.

Well, it seems I may not have to worry about it much longer due to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania coming up with an anti-shaving gel that not only works on men, but women too!

Daily Mail writes:

It’s estimated the average woman spends £12,000 in her lifetime in a bid to get silky smooth skin.But thanks to a scientific discovery shaving could soon be a thing of the past. A team from the University of Pennsylvania found that a drug, widely used to treat viral infections of the eye, helped stop the growth of unwanted hair when it was added to a rub-on gel.A trial involving male participants showed the product kept facial hair at bay for up to six weeks.It is now hoped that it can be developed into an effective treatment for women.


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