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Ancient Necropolis Discovered to have Mind-Altering Acoustics

A 5,000 year old mortuary temple on the Mediterranean island of Malta has a room called the “Oracle Chamber” known for its odd and consciousness-altering sound qualities. Researchers have discovered a strong double resonance frequency at 70Hz and 114Hz in the room, and when a deep male voice is tuned to those frequencies, it produces unforgettable effects.

Archaeologist Fernando Coimbra reported it felt like the sound was crossing his body at high speed, making an unexpected relaxation effect and that it felt like the sound was reflected from his body to the old paintings on the walls. In a publication from the conference on Archaeoacoustics (that’s a thing?) it was reported that, “…each volunteer has their own individual frequency of activation, …always between 90 and 120 hz. Those volunteers with a frontal lobe prevalence during the testing received ideas and thoughts similar to what happens during meditation, whilst those with occipital lobe prevalence visualized images.” Also, under the right circumstances, “Ancient populations were able to obtain different states of consciousness without the use of drugs or other chemical substances.”

It was concluded that the effect was intentionally enhanced by the ancient architects of the room in the cave, using techniques to boost the “super acoustics”. Undoubtedly these effects were used to imply divinity and after being in it, it’s easy to see that it probably worked like gangbusters.

The neolithic cultures were characterized by invention and innovation which is surprising since these ancient builders were creating wonders like this 1,000 years before the Egyptians started their pyramids. It all just goes to show that there often is a scientific explanation for mysterious phenomena; even ancient man knew and exploited it. But knowing that doesn’t by any means take away from the wonder of experiencing it.

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