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A spectacular piece of photographic UFO evidence was spotted this week on the MUFON Reporting Database by Scott McMan, a contributor for the website Ghost Theory.

According to the report, submitted by an anonymous source, the person was in Swift Forest Camp, located in Swift Lake Reservoir, Skamania County in Washington State on July 25, 2011. At 8:45pm the person was sitting beside the lake watching the sun set. They went to retrieve their camera in order to capture the view. Upon reviewing the photos they noticed a bright white light in the upper center of the frame. Using a graphics program to enlarge and enhance the images’ clarity they discovered that the object was rectangular in form. The person claims that the shape was not visible through the viewfinder or to the naked eye and only noticed it upon reviewing the film. The UFO appears to be moving upwards due to its position and relation to the mountain range. In the three photos below, the object also appears to be moving toward the viewer.

Scott McMan is a diligent debunker of falsified sightings and has stated, “I have mandated myself to do as much media analysis as possible prior to posting on anything from MUFON. That’s not to say I didn’t do my due diligence before, but in past years my access to certain tools was limited. Of course I can’t catch everything, but at least I can eliminate examples, which are suspect.”

McMan took it upon himself to run the submitted photos on MUFON through a variety of error correction programs and has made the final analysis that the images are 100% genuine and have not been altered in any way, shape, or form. The evidence is fascinating to behold.

Do you have a follow-up to this sighting? We would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

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