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This video was posted on YouTube just a few days ago by user “LegoCloneBoy321.”  While the shots of the creature are fleeting, it is definitely better than most “Blobsquatch” videos out there.

Here’s what the user posted on his video:

Thanks for the comments that have been received. I do have several more shots of what we saw. Unedited. I’m just not sure that ‘Youtube’ is the proper platform to release them. I am working with a friend of mine who knows more about this stuff than I do. He has advised me to keep the rest of the material unreleased until i have proper counsel. These images were simply a quick snap shots or some of the highlights of the captured images. The entire film will be made public once I have been advised. Last week in the mountains of Utah. We were target shooting after a long day of fishing. We scared something from the trees. We had two separate cameras running as we were shooting…. None of us slept very well for the next couple of nights. We found some sort or ‘hut’ about 100 yards from our camp and tried not to disturb anything. None of us are believers or can truly explain what we saw. But, we saw something.

Whatever it is, it looks massive!  I don’t think I’d be spending another night in the woods after an encounter like this, how about you?

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