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This still is from the footage uploaded to youtube of the supposed ufo seen in the UK.

 What looked to be a real break through for ufo chasers everywhere turned out to be a false hope but, why did everyone get so excited? Well, it certainly seemed like a good case for the idea of visitors from another planet silently watching from the skies, it was a beautifully clear video and, showed the iconic and classic UFO image we’ve all grown up with and love so dearly.

Watch the video here posted by YouTube user g goodman:

With the video going viral and making news world wide, it was only a matter of time before someone would do their best to spoil the fun and debunk the video. It took less than 24 hours.

The explanation was posted by The Courier of the UK:

Adrian Musat’s sighting of a UFO seemingly hovering in Clunie Wood near Pitlochry on November 6, sparked scores of theories and internet speculation from people who saw our story. Explanations offered on our Facebook page ranged from Chinese lanterns and aircraft to flying saucers and reflecting light. Peter Menzies posted: ”Oh spooky. Mind you to believe we are not the only living beings in the whole universe or others is probably crazier than believing the possibility of UFOs.” Jeem Smith wrote: ”Amazing that people are already ridiculing it without seeing the footage. There’s a possible 500 billion galaxies out there — anything’s possible surely.” Adrian became a celebrity for the morning as national and regional media outlets flocked to his door to follow up on the claim. A British UFO Research Association investigation into the craft was launched, but it was Forestry Commission Scotland that quickly settled the conundrum. The eerie white light in the woods was, in fact, a cabin-mounted spotlight on a harvester working in the area.
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