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All Doctor Who Merch at SFANTHOR 20% Off on Saturday!

The New Doctor Who begins his run this Saturday with Peter Capaldi taking over the role of the esteemed space and time traveling gentleman, and SFANTHOR (Museum of the Weird’s sister store) is EXCITED!

The 80 minute opener, called “Deep Breath” features Capaldi and previous companion to Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, as well as appearances by Smith and the beloved alien Victorian trio of Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax. We can’t wait to see it, and in anticipation, we’re reducing all of our cool Dr Who merchandise by 20% for the day!

Come on down and check out SFANTHOR at 1101 South Congress in the big white castle. We’ve got all sorts of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror items to suit a multitude of fancies. And coming soon inside….STEVE BUSTI’S CHAMBER OF WAX!!!

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