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Medjimurje Mayor Ivan Stefic holding the “alien head.”

I have no idea what this thing is that the mayor is holding, but I wouldn’t mind having it on display in the Museum of the Weird!  Mayor Stefic, if you’re reading this… call me!

A baffled mayor has asked scientists to examine the remains of what be believes to be the head of an alien dug up by workers in a graveyard in Croatia. The twisted, soft-bodied remains – which seems to have a beak-like mouth in the centre – were unearthed in Medjimurje where gardeners were extending the local cemetery. A second section – believed to contain what looks like a heart – was also recovered. “It scared the life out of me to see that thing staring up out of the ground,” said one worker. “The really strange thing, though, was the smell. Most things that come out of the ground don’t smell too good. “But this smelled very sweet, like aftershave or perfume,” they added. Mayor Ivan Stefic, seen here holding the head, explained: “It was found about one metre under the surface and gave the workers quite a shock.” “We have got it safe here at the Town Hall until the scientists take it from us. “I know it sounds crazy, but we can’t think of any more rational explanation for what we’ve found,” he added.


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