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A tiny Texas town with a weird UFO history

You might think that UFO stories about aliens are pretty new, but there’s one in Texas that dates back to 1897. A tiny town called Aurora, just a little north of Ft. Worth (215 miles from the Museum of the Weird), has a mysterious legend about an alien encounter.

Grave site of alleged alien from the crash in 1897

I’m thinking field trip! It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from the Museum. We head out, pay our respects. Maybe we sneak into Ft. Worth for some food and maybe a Stockyard Ghost tour. (There doesn’t seem to be much to eat in Aurora unless you’ve got family there.) I suppose we’d need to stay overnight. It could be a real good time!

Would you go on a weird field trip with us?

There is a full-length documentary about the alien crash in Aurora.

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