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The Remee sleep mask is equipped with red LEDs to wake up your mind, not your body. Photo courtesy of Bitbanger Labs.

If you’ve ever heard of lucid dreaming, then you know it’s not exactly the easiest thing to achieve.

To explain lucid dreaming to those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically being able to consciously wake up inside of, then be able to control, your very own dream. You could fly through the sky, dive through the sea, and even give yourself super-powers like a person straight out of the comic books!

Lucid dreaming is difficult to achieve and, involves practice, meditation, and a good diet as well as learning to “trigger” yourself awake while dreaming, without waking up you body.

The guys over at Bitbanger Labs believe they’ve come up with the perfect way for anyone to have this amazing experience, check it out.

Daily Mail writes:

In a twist straight out of the movie Inception, a duo of developers from Brooklyn, New York, have built a sleeping mask designed to allow people to have lucid dreams that they can control.While it may look like a standard sleeping mask, Remee has been billed as a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) enhancing device that is supposed to help steer the sleeper into lucid dreaming by making the brain aware that it is dreaming.The goal of the product is to allow people to have the dreams of their choice, from driving a race car to flying to having lunch with Abraham Lincoln.


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