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A British Student Has Their Heart Set on Giving Birth on Mars.

A 24 year old student is on the shortlist to go to Mars as part of the widely controversial “Mars One” project.

Maggie Lieu, an astrophysics student, is one of around six hundred people shortlisted with the possibility of becoming part of the first group of people to take permanent residence on Mars.

Everyone has their reasons, but Lieu has a very specific incentive, to be the first woman to ever give birth on the red planet.

“It would be incredible to be the Adam and Eve of another planet,” she said. “Because it is a colonization program, it’s inevitable that eventually someone will procreate and it would be incredible to be the first mother on Mars.”

The first mission to place a man on mars permanently is scheduled for 2024, but as most projects involving the impossible go, there will enivedibly be technical and financial difficulties, especially with the amount of skepticism and criticism against the idea of the project.

Also, another minor problem, is that once you go to Mars, you can’t come back. The trip is one way because there are no launch pads developed on mars, and the money to build that on Mars is far out of the project budget. But for those who are blue, it wouldn’t hurt to see more red in your life.

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