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5-year old boy snaps ghostly photo

This spooky series of photos was posted on Lon Strickland’s Phantoms & Monsters blog. Whether they show a real apparition or not, they certainly do send chills up your spine.

Here’s the story as it was submitted by a reader from West Sussex, UK:


A couple of years ago a neighbour and I were discussing ghosts and the paranormal. She said she had something to show me. On her cell phone were 3 pictures taken by her 5 year old son at 5am in the morning. His mother had gone downstairs to get a baby bottle heated up for her 8 month old son. You can see the edge of the bed and her husbands bulky legs under the quilt. The cot with her 8 month old son is in the left hand corner.

The eldest 5 year old son, who had hopped into her bed snapped the pictures as he usually likes playing with her cellphone. It’s a common occurrence with him. She came across the photos when clearing out her phone of clutter some months later. The time stamps on the photos were removed when I transferred them over to my computer and then an external hard drive. However, I did witness the time stamps, dates and the pictures showed they were taken within 3 -7 seconds of each other.

Enhanced photo showing details

My neighbour has had lots of paranormal activity in her house over the years and has witnessed on one occasion a red-eyed being staring through her dining room window at night. Her husband has also witnessed the same strange going’s on. I have no reason to disbelieve my neighbour as she is one of the most honest and open people I know.

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