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How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are not available just yet. We will be launching our online purchasing by Oct. 8th, tours starting Oct. 10th!


What does the tour involve? 
Walk on the Weird Side tour will entail a variety of different things from history, ghost stories, tall tales and more!

Where do we meet to start the tour?

You meet us at 412 E 6th Street Austin, Tx 78701 (Also known as Museum of the Weird)

How do I buy tickets?

Follow the 'Buy Tickets' tab above. A calendar will display and you can click on each day that we are open and select a time slot. This will then take you to the page for purchasing that time slot. 

Is it scary? 

No, it is a walking tour held during day-time hours!

Is there a tour bus? 

Walk on the Weird Side is a walking tour that is less than a mile round trip. It will start the museum of the weird and end here as well. The walking tour is less than a mile. 

What is the difference between Museum of the Weird and Walk on the Weird Side Tours? 

Museum of the Weird is a great adventure to see oddities and strange items. They also have a live show for every tour. Walk on the Weird Side is a walking tour outside in the historic district of downtown Austin, Tx. We focus on the weirdness surrounding the area, which is why we have decided the offer a package for both experiences since they are drastically different! 

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