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$12.99 per visitor


Admission includes:

• A  free Museum of the Weird souvenir!

• The Museum of the Weird’s original “Cabinet of Curiosities,” featuring mummies, mermaids, fossils, cryptids, freaks of nature, shrunken heads, movie props, and a collection of oddities assembled from the four corners of the earth!*

• Our special attraction, which has been featured on TV programs such as Mysteries at the Museum and Unsolved Mysteries — the legendary “Creature in Ice!”

• Entry into our classic movie monster wax museum, “Sfanthor’s Chamber of Horrors,” where you can get your photo taken in the hands of a life-sized King Kong!


And as always, it is absolutely FREE to enter our gift shop, Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts!


* We offer $5 discount tickets for our visitors in wheelchairs or anyone who is unable to walk up stairs. This ticket gets you into the original “Cabinet of Curiosities” only.  Certain restrictions may apply.


Admission is non-refundable once you enter through the turnstile.
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